Acupuncture Sports Medicine is a specialized field of acupuncture focusing on athletes and the injuries that are common to their sport.

A bicyclist may experience pain in the knee during training or hip trauma due to a fall. Many basketball players have issues with achilles tendonitis from repeated vertical leaping. Runners can develop planter fasciitis whereas soccer players are exposed to ligament strains in the knees. These are all examples of issues that I commonly treat.

It is important to identify what muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints are involved with a particular trauma and pain pattern. Precision acupuncture and knowledge of anatomy is vital in pain relief and healing. The goal is to get the athlete back to training and remain on track for a race. Others’ goal will be to get back exercising for general health and stress relief. I have trained under Master Acupuncturist Whitfield Reaves and presently assist with teaching his seminars.


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