Marin Family Acupuncture was founded in 2001 by Kenji and Lynette Hirabayashi to offer the best care that traditional Chinese medicine has to offer. Today they offer state of the art treatments at their serene treatment facilities in San Rafael, CA, in the heart of Marin County.

marin family acupuncture treats infertility
lynette hirabayashi licensed acupuncturist

Lynette is especially enthusiastic to work with families needing fertility assistance, whether they are going through an IVF cycle or attempting natural conception. In addition to her private practice, Lynette provides fertility-related acupuncture at Pacific Fertility Center, Laurel Fertility Care, and UCSF in San Francisco. Her enthusiasm for helping families carries through to her pediatric patients as well.

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kenji hirabayashi licensed acupuncturist

Kenji Hirabayashi has spent countless hours studying the best methods for treating athletes injuries as well as preventing them from occurring and enhancing performance. He treats many local athletes as well as patients who suffer from chronic and acute pain. He is certified in acupuncture sports medicine.